The Truth About Dating Products


There are way too many different dating books for women out there which make it hard to choose the right one. Can you trust what they say in those books? Do they worth your time and money? How can you make sure you aren’t spending money on another book that only tells you the common sense or doesn’t give you any advice at all?

I was very skeptical about all those self-proclaimed dating “gurus” and psychologists. I felt like all those are only companies that use some of the most ridiculous marketing tactics one will ever see and believing anything they say almost become a laughing matter.

  • They claim themselves a “guru” but never say how many people they have actually helped.

  • They claim that their advice will help to get the man you want but never really say anything about legitimate results.

  • They claim things like “make him addicted to you” while we all know that just sounds ridiculous.

  • They say their advice is unique but in reality offer only some basic unreliable ideas that don’t really work.

However, there’s also another side to this.

Yes it’s hard to believe those claims, but if all of these dating books really did nothing at all, would there still be such a huge market for them?

Here I wanted to get to the bottom of these.

The Truth about The Dating Books For Women

I wanted to found out if any of these dating books for women really did anything at all. Or, if the entire industry really is just one big scam.

To do this, I decided to find out who read these books (if anyone?) and what type of results one can REALLY archive.

So I went out and studied what the forums say about those books and is there any book that is actually works.

Here’s what I did:

The first thing I wanted to do was find and talk to real users of these products. Surprisingly, this was actually much easier than I thought. As it turns out there are forums full of women who strongly believe in these kinds of products.

Though, they don’t use them to get a man “addicted” to them as most of these products claim. They actually use them for other things. The most popular is to get and maintain the “killer” confidence and to learn the mental “tricks” that really attract men and help to manipulate them.

As far as women who use the advice to get a man “addicted” to them, most women in the forums know better than this. Though the women looking for manipulating men and making them dance on their tunes believe the advice from these books really works.

The reason they said they work?

The advice in the dating books is very unique. It contains the unknown psychological and mental “tricks” that most women will never know that make men do what you want them to do. This is why they call it “making a man addicted to you.”

The books explain how men really think and feel about women, relationship and love. And when you know how you hold the huge power over a man and can make him dance to your tunes.

Which book did they recommend?

The books that come most recommended have the advice described above. The one most popular was one called “Attract True Love” book by Kimberly Kern and this is the once I decided to try for myself.

What did I expect? Well I weren’t exactly sure what to expect. The forums said this book helps to make good men be naturally attracted to you and to find a long-term happy relationship.

Here is what it was like:

What it was like using advice from the dating book for women

I’ve decided to read the book and to practice the exercises from the book for a couple of days.

Now, I’m not sure if you are like me, but I’ve been single for about three years now and I don’t usually date or meet a lot of men.

So for me, I was hoping for the best with the secrets and “tricks” I’ve learned. Here is what it was like.

I was quite surprised that after reading the Attract True Love book I felt noticeable results.

As weird as this ay sound, what I first experienced was a warm happy feeling inside. I felt more confidence and I definitely felt that all guys looking at me differently. I had tree guys complimenting me and two of them asked for my phone number just on the way to a coffee shop. I definitely felt much more attractive, even though noting changed in my physical appearance, not even my clothes.

After about a week following the advice form the book the difference was something I never though I would believe.

I felt like I have a magic stick that makes men do whatever I want them to. I’ve attracted men anywhere I go and those were “good” men, the once looking for a relationship, not just a one-night stand.

Then I’ve met this guy Ryan. He was just the one I was looking for, nice, kind, generous and loving. He was the man from my dream. I couldn’t be happier.
We are happily married for about a year now, and I still use the advice from the book to keep my relationship happy and alive. It really works. There is so many good advice in this book that it seems like I don’t have the time to try them all, but the once I used already seems to be working perfectly.

It’s nothing like my love life before this. We are so happy, everything is great and we haven’t had a single fight. I feel like the happiest girl in a world and this book was the reason.

Well as you can guess, I can now tell why these dating advice are so popular. They work. They give you the strong confidence and a set of magic “tricks” that gets your to do whatever you want him to.

I would highly recommend them to any woman who wants to have an amazing love life - regardless of relationship status right now and especially the women who have trouble meeting men or just don’t feel like dating men anymore.

The advice I used was from the Attract True Love book. Here’s more about it.

Top Choce

Attrcat True Love Book

5 stars


If you've ever thought about trying to use the advice form the dating self-help book for women, this is the one to use.

The effect it had on me was something I never though I would feel again in all my years.

When I followed the advice from the book, it helped to take my dating life to the next level. First, I was feeling more attractive, and felt how men look at me differently. Second, I found the relationship of my dreams and happily married to a man who just does lots of nice things for me. The changes in my life are really amazing.

Would I recommend this book? Oh yeah!

If you are a woman who wants to find her true soulmate the advice from Attract True Love Book is amazing.

If you're a woman who just want to dating more men, or even get your ex boyfriend back, I would still highly recommend this book.

Do me a favor and give Attract True Love a try. And when you do, let me know how it works for you. Send me an email at I'd love to hear if you get the same results I do.

I found the best place to get it is online at their website where you get a discount and free bonus books and an audio version of the book to go with it - great deal!

You can check it out with the link below. Give it a try. You won't be disappointed.

Click Here To Visit

Second Choice:

Girl Gets Ring

4 satrs


The reason I'm recommending this one is because the results women report with it are extraordinary.

Some women say this book has helped them to completely change their dating life, find Mr. Right and get the ring eventually. One woman even said she was able to finally find the right guy after two unsuccessful marriages and multiple break-ups.

Would I recommend this product? Yes. This is one of the highest praised products there is and the long-term results are worth every penny. You can find the "tricks" to getting the ring, which is quite frankly hard to find in other books.

Would I buy it over Attract True Love book? No. But... I would definitely consider getting both books. There were some women who bought both of the products and they said there’s a lot to learn from both books and they both were incredible.

Click Here To Visit

Third Choice:

act like a lady



Another book that is popular around the forums. I have heard many good things about it. Although it doesn't give you the "directions" about how to get the man to marry you, it can give you a good insight on a man's world.

Though, if it's your first time trying a self-help dating book, I would still go with Attract True Love book. The reviews were good, but not as good as Attract True Love Book, which has much more useful information for someone who is looking for her Mr. Right to marry her.

Click Here To See Act Like A Lady Think Like A Man

Forth Choice:

catch him and keep him



This book was quite popular.

The author claims to help to catch and keep the man. There are lots of good tips you can find in this book, but again, doesn't say how to make a man propose to you.

Some people weren't quite as happy with it as they were with Attract True Love Book, so it's our forth choice.

Click Here To Visit

Fifth Choice:

HAve the relationship yo want


Another book that is popular around the forums is Have The Relationship You Want by Rori Raye.

The advice in it is good, but the approach is a little different and some people may even call it "strange." There are lots of new terminologies that make it a little more complicated to understand and not as easy to use as Attract True Love Book tips.

If you are looking for something simple, easy to read and use I would still go with Attract True Love Book.

Click Here To Visit

Fifth Choice:


Some women said that The Secret Survey by Michael Fiore was quite helpful.

This system tell you "the truth" about why men lie to you. It's good to know, but again, it doesn't guarantee you that knowing the truth you will help you make him commit.

Good information, but quite expensive ($67 plus $19.97 months payments). The reviews were good, but not as good as Attract True Love Book and the extra cost is hard to justify for something that hasn't as good information as Attract True Love Book.

Click Here To Visit

Sixth Choice:


Text The Romance Back is the book for someone who wants to get her ex back or save the relationships "on the rocks." Most women said that the text messages from this book really help to make a man like you more.

Though, if it's your first time trying a self-help dating product, I would still go with Attract True Love book since the Text The Romance Back is for someone in a relationship or in a middle of a break-up.

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Seventh Choice:

he's just not taht into you


Some women in the forums said this book helped them to realize that they were dating the wrong guy and find the right one later. If you want to know that you may have been dating the wrong guy this book is for you. But if you want to attract the right guy into your life or to make the one you are dating commit to you I would go with Attract True Love Book, which has much better advice on love and happy relationship.

Click Here To See He's Just Not That Into You

Eighth Choice:

mars and venus


Some women in forums mentioned this book. It's new and I haven't read it myself yet.

Though, if it's your first time trying a self-help dating book, I would still go with Attract True Love book since it has much better reviews then Mars and Venus On a Date book.

Click Here To See Mars and Venus On A Date

Nineth Choice:


This book was mentioned by some women in forums as well. It more about the transformation from a good girl into a bitch in order to make a man like you, or marry you.

Unless you have doubts that you can be a dream girl (not a doormat) I will go with Attract True Love Book, which tells you how to attract your Mr. Right by being yourself but not transforming yourself into a "bitch."

Click Here To See Why Men Love Bitches

Tenth Choice:


Our last choice is Enchant Him System by Carry Engel. It's a relatively new product on a market and didn't get as much hype as the Attract True Love Book yet, but some women say it's good and has some good info. It's more expensive and not as popular, so our #1 choice is Attract True Love Book by Kimberly Kern.

Click Here To Visit

P.S. As Attract True Love book is the dating book I've used advice from, I'd still love to hear about any other dating books you guys have tried. So, If you have you had a great experience with a dating book of your own, please send me an email at
with the details. I'll check it out and if it looks good, I'll post it here.


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